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                                      Vietnam’s Hoa Phat achieves highest cons-2024第二十四屆廣州國際金屬板材、棒材、線材及金屬加工、配套設備展—全球三大金屬展之一巨浪展覽-THE 24th CHINA(GUANGZHOU) INTERNATIONAL PLATEMETAL, BAR, WIRE, METAL PROCESSING & SETTING EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION
                                      10/9/2023  金屬板材展-線材展-金屬加工展-plate metal expo-wire expo
                                           Vietnam-based steel producer Hoa Phat Group has announced that in September this year it produced 635,000 mt of crude steel, down by seven percent month on month. The company\u2019s sales volume in September increased by seven percent month on month to 596,000 mt, including construction steel, steel billet and hot rolled coil. In particular, in the given month the company\u2019s construction steel sales totaled 352,000 mt, the highest since the beginning of the year, up by 15 percent month on month, partly thanks to transportation projects accelerating progress, while its HRC sales totaled 234,000 mt. Hoa Phat\u2019s galvanized steel and pipe sales in September totaled 20,000 mt and 48,000 mt, up by 75 percent and 20 percent month on month, respectively. In the January-September period this year, Hoa Phat produced 4.8 million mt of crude steel, down 21 percent year on year. The company\u2019s sales volume in the given period decreased by 19 percent year on year to 4.6 million mt, including construction steel, steel billet and hot rolled coil. In the first nine months, the company\u2019s construction steel and high-quality steel sales totaled 2.57 million mt, down by 25 percent year on year. The company\u2019s HRC, steel pipe and galvanized steel sales in the given period totaled two million mt, 488,000 mt and 240,000 mt, respectively. 金屬板材展-線材展-金屬加工展-2024第二十四屆廣州國際金屬板材、棒材、線材及金屬加工、配套設備展—全球三大金屬展之一巨浪展覽-THE 24th CHINA(GUANGZHOU) INTERNATIONAL PLATEMETAL, BAR, WIRE, METAL PROCESSING & SETTING EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION 2024金屬板材展,2024金屬板材展會,2024金屬板材展覽會,2024金屬板材展會信息,2024廣州金屬板材展,2024廣州金屬板材展會,2024 廣州金屬板材展覽會,鋼板展,鋼板展會,鋼板展會信息,2024鋼板展會,2024廣州鋼板展會,彩鋼板展,彩鋼板展會,彩鋼板展覽會,2024彩鋼板展,2024彩鋼板展覽會,2024彩鋼板展會,2024廣州彩鋼板展,2024廣州彩鋼板展會,2024廣州彩鋼板展覽會,2024廣東彩鋼板展, 2024廣東彩鋼板展會,2024廣東彩鋼板展覽會,2024中國金屬板材展,2024中國金屬板材展會,2024中國金屬板材展展覽會,2024線材展,2024材展會,2024線材展覽會,2024廣州線材展,2024廣州線材展會,2024廣東線材展,2024廣東線材展會,2024中國線材展,2024中國線材展會,2024線材博覽會,2024金屬加工展,2024金屬加工展會,2024金屬加工展覽會,2024廣州金屬加工展,2024廣州金屬加工展會,2024廣東金屬加工展,2024廣東金屬加工展會,2024中國金屬加工展,2024中國金屬加工展會,2024金屬加工博覽會-plate metal Industry Exhibition,plate metal expo, 2024 plate metal exhibition, 2024 plate metal expo, China plate metal exhibition, China plate metal expo,plate metal Industry event,plate metal event, 2024 plate metal event, 2024 plate metal event, China plate metal event, China plate metal event,wire Industry Exhibition,wire expo, 2024 wire exhibition, 2024 wire expo, China wire exhibition, China wire expo,wire Industry event,wire event, 2024 wire event, 2024 wire event, China wire event, China wire event
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